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Inrik-Social Media Platform      

I was founder & Principal Software Developer of Inrik. Inrik is a Social Media Platfrom under construction.

BazaarToday-Inrik Marketplace

Publisher is one of my applications designed as a web-based platform to empower journalists to publish content with unparalleled simplicity and efficiency. It distinguishes itself in the market with its user-friendly interface and lightweight design, surpassing other tools in ease of use. This all-encompassing back-office solution enables journalists to effortlessly manage and publish a diverse array of content, including articles, news, images, videos, and audio files. Content can be seamlessly shared across social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, with the added capability of importing videos directly from Facebook and YouTube. Publisher features a powerful transcoder, which can be configured to convert MP3 audio and MP4 videos to HLS format while simultaneously extracting thumbnails. The platform also provides robust functionalities for archiving, editing, and deleting content, ensuring a versatile and user-friendly experience for all journalism professionals.

Sort Numbers      
The Sort Numbers is a classic game written by me. You can end successfully this game if you can order numbers from 1 to 15. A number can move only in X or Y axies if there is an adjucent empty cell.

Letters To Words      
User types words and after each space the word will be checked against the English directory. If there is a much user will gain some points. User can set the game's length