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    My GitHub repositories

    This was one of my projects. It was acquired by Inri. Inrik is a Social Media Platform under development now. Please see inrik.com .

    JS Game: Mix and Fix
    Game in Java Script : Mix And Fix. An online game for kids: 15 numbers are provided on a 4 X 4 board please see: Mix and Fix
    Bazaar Today
    A web based application implemented in PHP for real estate, buy and sell cars, secondhand items etc A prototype is deployed at Bazaar Today. Please see listied feed on the right panel on this page. Ask for a demo. .
    News Publisher
    A web based platform for journalists to publish content in easiet possible way. Much easier and much lighter than other tools in the market. A back-office that allows journalists to publish content (articles, news, images. video and audio files). Articles can be shared to Social Media, e.g. Facebook, twitter, instagram. Video from Facebook and Youtube can easily be imported to this platform. This platform provides archiving, edit and delete functionalities. Some news portals as Baraye Azadi a Persian Newspaper generate their content entirly by this platform. Ask for a demo.
    Bazaar Today